Brand New World

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Brand New World
Directed by Roberta Hanley
Produced by Chris Hanley
Bradford L. Schlei
Dan Sales (EP)
Jordan Gertner (EP)
Written by Roberta Hanley
Jeff Noon
Based on Woundings
by Jeff Noon
Starring Julie Cox
Sammi Davis
Emily Lloyd
Guy Pearce
Music by Wendy Carlos
Cinematography Alun Bollinger
Edited by Andrew Marcus
Distributed by UAV Entertainment (US)
Release date
Country UK
Isle of Man
Language English

Brand New World, also called Woundings, a UK movie filmed in Cregneash, Isle of Man, based on Jeff Noon's play Woundings and released in 1998.[1]

The director Roberta Hanley won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the 2001 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival for this movie.[2]


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