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This article is about the wine region in South Australia. For the locality, see Wrattonbully, South Australia.
Wine region
Vines near Naracoorte3.jpg
Grapevines at Russet Ridge Winery near Naracoorte
Type Australian Geographical Indication
Year established 2005[1]
Country Australia
Part of Limestone Coast zone
Growing season October – April[2]
Climate region 'I'
Heat units 1421[3]
Precipitation (annual average) 195 millimetres (7.7 in)[2]
Size of planted vineyards 2,679 hectares (6,620 acres)[4]
Grapes produced 17,845 tonnes (17,563 long tons; 19,671 short tons)[5]
Varietals produced Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay[5]
No. of wineries 3[6]
Comments Climate data: 2011, production: 2014

Wrattonbully is a wine region in South Australia's South East, between the Padthaway and Coonawarra regions, between the Riddoch Highway and the Victorian border.[7]

The Wrattonbully wine region lies over several ranges in the area surrounding Naracoorte, including the Naracoorte Range (also known as the Kanawinka escarpment).[citation needed] Wrattonbully is a region of ancient World Heritage-listed geology, which in more recent times has been chosen to establish a successful wine region due to its outstanding viticultural attributes.[citation needed]

The first vines for winegrapes were planted in the late 1960s; however it was in the 1990s that the excellent soils and elevated sites attracted many winemakers from surrounding areas.[6] The region now draws winemakers and the attention of wine connoisseurs from around the world.[citation needed] Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz are the two main varieties grown, and Wrattonbully wines of these varieties are highly regarded for their complexity and elegance.[citation needed] Merlot and Chardonnay are also widely grown with great success - in fact the cool climate of the Wrattonbully wine region is proving suitable for many varieties.[citation needed]

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