Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain

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Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain
Traditional 高山下的花環
Simplified 高山下的花环
Mandarin Gāo shān xià de huā huán
Directed by Xie Jin
Written by Li Zhun
Starring Lü Xiaohe
Tang Guoqiang
Sechen Guwa
Wang Yumei
Music by Ge Yan
Cinematography Lu Junfu
Zhu Yongde
Edited by Zhou Dingwen
Release date
  • 1984 (1984)
Running time
139 minutes[1]
Language Mandarin

Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain (Chinese: 高山下的花环; pinyin: Gāo shān xià de huā huán) is a 1984 Chinese film about the life of the soldiers in a PLA army company before, during and after the Sino-Vietnamese War. It is based on the novel written by Li Cunbao, and directed by Xie Jin, starring Lü Xiaohe, Tang Guoqiang, Siqin Gaowa, Gai Ke and He Wei.

The film won the 5th Golden Rooster for Best Screenwriter, Best Leading Actor (Lu Xiaohe), Best Supporting Actor (He Wei) and Best Editing (Zhou Dingwen) in 1985.


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