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Wreck may refer to:

  • Wreck, a ceremony of initiation into the 40 et 8 club
  • Wreck (band), an American indie rock band
  • A collision of an automobile, aircraft or other vehicle
  • Shipwreck, the remains of a ship after a crisis at sea
  • Receiver of Wreck, an official of the British government whose main task is to process incoming reports of wreck
  • Rambling Wreck, a car that leads the Georgia Tech football team onto the field prior to every game in Bobby Dodd Stadium
  • WREK (FM), a radio station at Georgia Tech, named after the car
  • In ornithology, an event where large numbers of seabirds are driven inland due to adverse weather
  • "Wreck", a song by Gentle Giant from their album Acquiring the Taste

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