Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos

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Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos
Origin New Zealand
Genres Noise rock, synthpop
Years active 1980–1986
Labels Wrecked Music
Every Secret Thing
Flying Nun Records
Associated acts The Dead C
The 3Ds
Past members Michael Morley
Richard Ram
Denise Roughan

Wreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos was a band from New Zealand consisting of Michael Morley and Richard Ram. During the early 1980s they released numerous cassettes through the Wrecked Music and Every Secret Thing labels. In 1986 the Flying Nun label released their River Falling Love EP, which was reissued in 1993 by the Ajax Records label. The reissue featured bonus tracks culled from their earlier cassettes, some featuring vocals by Denise Roughan of Look Blue Go Purple. Roughan later went on to form the 3Ds in the late eighties, while Morley went on to perform with The Dead C.


Date of Release Title Label Charted Certification Catalog Number
1983 My Blue Fairy Godmother Wrecked Music - - WRECK14
1983 3.V.M. Wrecked Music - - WRECK20
1986 River Falling Love Flying Nun Records - - FN068
1993 River Falling Love
Ajax Records - - AJAX 029
1984 Over My Skull Every Secret Thing - - EST 06
1984 Cave Every Secret Thing - - EST 21
1984 Worlds Fall Apart Every Secret Thing - - EST 24
1985 A Summer in Taradale - - -
1988 A Child's Guide To... Xpressway - - XWAY03

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