Wrestling at the 1896 Summer Olympics – Men's Greco-Roman

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Men's Greco-Roman
at the Games of the I Olympiad
Schuhmann lotta atene 1896.jpg
Schuhmann (left) before the Olympic wrestling final, which he won
VenuePanathinaiko Stadium
Dates10–11 April
Competitors5 from 4 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Carl Schuhmann
2nd, silver medalist(s) Georgios Tsitas
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Stephanos Christopoulos

The men's Greco-Roman was the only wrestling event on the Wrestling at the 1896 Summer Olympics programme.

No weight classes existed for the wrestling competition, held in the Panathinaiko Stadium which meant that there would only be one winner among competitors of all sizes. The rules used were similar to modern Greco-Roman wrestling, although there was no time limit, and not all leg holds were forbidden (in contrast to current rules). Apart from the two Greek contestants, all competitors had previously been active in other sports. The wrestling competition was held on 10 April, except for the continuation of the final match on 11 April.


Place Wrestler
1  Carl Schuhmann (GER)
2  Georgios Tsitas (GRE)
3  Stephanos Christopoulos (GRE)
4  Launceston Elliot (GBR)
 Momcsilló Tapavicza (HUN)


10 April
10 April
11 April
 Carl Schuhmann (GER)
 Launceston Elliot (GBR)
 Carl Schuhmann (GER)
 Carl Schuhmann (GER)
 Georgios Tsitas (GRE)
 Stephanos Christopoulos (GRE)
 Momcsilló Tapavicza (HUN)
 Stephanos Christopoulos (GRE)
 Georgios Tsitas (GRE)

Competition summary[edit]


Stephanos Christopoulos of Greece faced Momcsilló Tapavicza of Hungary in the first match. The pair were nearly evenly matched, with Christopoulous declared the winner after Tapavicza retired due to injury.

In the second match, gymnastics champion Carl Schuhmann of Germany faced the weightlifting champion, Launceston Elliot of the United Kingdom. Schuhmann won easily.

Georgios Tsitas, a Greek, had a bye in the first round, joining Christopoulos and Schuhmann as the three semifinalists.


Schuhmann had a bye for the semifinals, so in the single semifinal match, the two Greeks, Tsitas and Christopoulos, faced off to be Schuhmann's opponent in the final.

Tsitas won after Christopoulous suffered a shoulder injury and was forced to retire; despite this, Christopoulous won the bronze medal.


In the final, Tsitas faced Schuhmann, and the bout lasted 40 minutes before it had to be postponed on account of darkness, as the sun had begun to set.

On the next morning (11 April), Schuhmann and Tsitas returned to their match, and Schuhmann captured the victory shortly thereafter with a fall.


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