Wrestling at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Men's freestyle heavyweight

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Men's heavyweight freestyle wrestling
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
Venue White City Stadium
Date July 23
Competitors 11 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Con O'Kelly  Great Britain
2nd, silver medalist(s) Jacob Gundersen  Norway
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Edward Barrett  Great Britain
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The freestyle heavyweight was one of five freestyle wrestling weight classes contested on the Wrestling at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme. Like all other wrestling events, it was open only to men. The heavyweight was the heaviest weight class, allowing wrestlers over 73 kilograms (161 lb). Eleven wrestlers competed; nine from Great Britain, one from Norway, and one from the United States. The competition was held on July 23, 1908.



Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Con O'Kelly (GBR)            
 Lee Talbott (USA)  
 O'Kelly (GBR)
   Foskett (GBR)  
 Harold Foskett (GBR)
 O'Kelly (GBR)
   Barrett (GBR)  
 Edward Barrett (GBR)
 Barrett (GBR)
   Brown (GBR)  
 Charles Brown (GBR)
 O'Kelly (GBR)
     Gundersen (NOR)
 Jacob Gundersen (NOR)        
 Walter West (GBR)  
 Gundersen (NOR)
   Humphreys (GBR)  
 Frederick Humphreys (GBR)
 Gundersen (NOR)
   Nixson (GBR)  
 Edward Nixson (GBR)
 Nixson (GBR)
   Bruce (GBR)  
 Lawrence Bruce (GBR)
 Arthur Banbrook (GBR)  

Barrett beat Nixson in the bronze medal match to take third place.


Place Wrestler Nation
1 Con O'Kelly  Great Britain
2 Jacob Gundersen  Norway
3 Edward Barrett  Great Britain
4 Edward Nixson  Great Britain
5 Lawrence Bruce  Great Britain
Frederick Humphreys  Great Britain
Harold Foskett  Great Britain
Charles Brown  Great Britain
9 Arthur Banbrook  Great Britain
Lee Talbott  United States
Walter West  Great Britain


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