Wrestling at the 1924 Summer Olympics – Men's freestyle light heavyweight

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Men's light heavyweight freestyle wrestling
at the Games of the VIII Olympiad
Venue Krachtsportgebouw
Dates July 11–14
Competitors 15 from 10 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) John Spellman  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Rudolf Svensson  Sweden
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Charles Courant  Switzerland
← 1920
1928 →

The men's freestyle light heavyweight was a freestyle wrestling event held as part of the Wrestling at the 1924 Summer Olympics programme.[1] It was the second appearance of the event. Light heavyweight was the second-heaviest category, including wrestlers weighing from 79 to 87 kilograms.


Source: Official results;[2] Wudarski[3]

Gold medal round[edit]

Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 John Spellman (USA) W  
 Walter Wilson (GBR) L      John Spellman (USA) W  
 George Rumpel (CAN) W      George Rumpel (CAN) L  
 J. Baillot (FRA) L        John Spellman (USA) W  
       Calle Westergren (SWE) L  
     Calle Westergren (SWE) W  
 Fabio Del Genovese (ITA) W      Fabio del Genovese (ITA) L  
 Marcel Kappeler (FRA) L        John Spellman (USA) W
 Johan Svensson (SWE) W        Johan Svensson (SWE) L
 Joseph Hutmacker (BEL) L      Johan Svensson (SWE) W  
 Iisak Mylläri (FIN) W      Iisak Mylläri (FIN) L  
 Victor Lay (GBR) L        Johan Svensson (SWE) W  
 Poul Hansen (DEN) W        Charles Courant (SUI) L  
 Fritz Roth (SUI) L      Poul Hansen (DEN) L      
 Charles Courant (SUI) W      Charles Courant (SUI) W      
 Charles Strack (USA) L  

Silver medal round[edit]

Semifinals Final
 Johan Svensson (SWE) W  
 Calle Westergren (SWE) L      Johan Svensson (SWE) W
 Walter Wilson (GBR) W      Walter Wilson (GBR) L
 George Rumple (CAN) L  

Bronze medal round[edit]

As Wilson, Westergren, Hutmacker, and Mylläri declined to compete, Charles Courant was awarded the bronze medal.