Wrestling at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's freestyle 74 kg

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Wrestling – Men's freestyle 74 kg
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Wrestling pictogram.svg
VenueCarrara Sports and Leisure Centre
Dates12 April 2018
Competitors15 from 15 nations
gold medal    India
silver medal    South Africa
bronze medal    Wales
bronze medal    Canada
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The men's 74 kg freestyle wrestling competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia was held on 12 April at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre.[1] Sushil Kumar from India won the gold medal and Johanes Botha from South Africa won the silver.[2]



F — Won by fall


Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
         Ebimienfaghe Assizecourt (NGR) 4F  
 Mohammad Ali Amzad (BAN) 10      Mohammad Ali Amzad (BAN) 0  
 Loabo Teetu (KIR) 0        Ebimienfaghe Assizecourt (NGR) 8  
 Johannes Botha (RSA) 12        Johannes Botha (RSA) 11F  
 Abdulai Salam (SLE) 2      Johannes Botha (RSA) 10  
 Suresh Fernando (SRI) 0      Curtis Dodge (WAL) 0  
 Curtis Dodge (WAL) 6F        Johannes Botha (RSA) 0
 Akash Khullar (NZL) 11        Sushil Kumar (IND) 10
 Jean Marianne (MRI) 0      Akash Khullar (NZL) 0  
 Sean Wrinkle (BAH) 0      Connor Evans (AUS) 6F  
 Connor Evans (AUS) 4F        Connor Evans (AUS) 0  
 Muhammad Assad Butt (PAK) 10        Sushil Kumar (IND) 4F  
 Oleg Gladkov (SCO) 3      Muhammad Assad Butt (PAK) 0      
 Jevon Balfour (CAN) 0      Sushil Kumar (IND) 10      
 Sushil Kumar (IND) 11  


Repechage first round Bronze medal match
 Abdulai Salam (SLE) 4    Curtis Dodge (WAL) 6F
 Curtis Dodge (WAL) 6F    Ebimienfaghe Assizecourt (NGR) 9
 Jevon Balfour (CAN) 10    Jevon Balfour (CAN) 14
 Muhammad Assad Butt (PAK) 0    Connor Evans (AUS) 4


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