Wrestling at the 2018 Commonwealth Games – Men's freestyle 86 kg

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Wrestling – Men's freestyle 86 kg
at the 2018 Commonwealth Games
Wrestling pictogram.svg
VenueCarrara Sports and Leisure Centre
Dates14 April 2018
Competitors13 from 13 nations
gold medal    Pakistan
silver medal    Nigeria
bronze medal    England
bronze medal    India
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The men's 86 kg freestyle wrestling competition at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia was held on 14 April at the Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre.[1]



F — Won by fall


Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
         David Conteh (SLE) 0  
         Melvin Bibo (NGR) 4F  
           Melvin Bibo (NGR) 10  
           Syerus Eslami (ENG) 0  
         Toby Fitzpatrick (NZL) 8  
 Syerus Eslami (ENG) 12      Syerus Eslami (ENG) 9  
 Mark Inguyesi (KEN) 2        Melvin Bibo (NGR) 0
 Taebontangaroa Kookoo (KIR) 0        Muhammad Inam (PAK) 6
 Somveer Kadian (IND) 4F      Somveer Kadian (IND) 0  
 Jayden Lawrence (AUS) 4      Muhammad Inam (PAK) 10  
 Muhammad Inam (PAK) 14        Muhammad Inam (PAK) 4F  
 Alexander Moore (CAN) 12        Alexander Moore (CAN) 6  
 Michael Gaitskill (RSA) 2      Alexander Moore (CAN) 10      
 Kevin Wallen (JAM) 11      Kevin Wallen (JAM) 0      
 Rashji Mackey (BAH) 10  


Repechage first round Bronze medal match
       David Conteh (SLE) 0
       Syerus Eslami (ENG) 11
 Jayden Lawrence (AUS) 0    Somveer Kadian (IND) 7
 Somveer Kadian (IND) 7F    Alexander Moore (CAN) 3


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