Wright Air Service

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Wright Air Service
Wright Air Service Logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1967
Operating bases Fairbanks International Airport
Fleet size 14
Destinations 11
Headquarters Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Key people Al Wright, Founder
Robert Bursiel, President
Website WrightAirService.com
Wright Air Service terminal building

Wright Air Service is an American airline based in Fairbanks, Alaska, United States. It was established by Al Wright and started operations in 1967. It is based at the Fairbanks International Airport.[1] The president of the company is Robert Bursiel.[2]


The Wright Air Service fleet includes the following aircraft:[3][4]


Wright Air Cessna 208 Caravan loading at Fairbanks International Airport.
Wright Air Helio Courier unloading a rafting party.

Wright Air Service operates scheduled passenger flights to the following locations in Alaska (as of June 2012):[1]

  1. Allakaket (AET) - Allakaket Airport (to Bettles, Fairbanks)
  2. Anaktuvuk Pass (AKP) - Anaktuvuk Pass Airport (to Bettles, Fairbanks)
  3. Arctic Village (ARC) - Arctic Village Airport (to Fairbanks, Fort Yukon, Venetie)
  4. Bettles (BTT) - Bettles Airport (to Allakaket, Anaktuvuk Pass, Fairbanks)
  5. Birch Creek (KBC) - Birch Creek Airport (to Fairbanks, Venetie)
  6. Fairbanks (FAI) - Fairbanks International Airport (hub)
  7. Fort Yukon (FYU) - Fort Yukon Airport (to Arctic Village, Birch Creek, Fairbanks, Venetie)
  8. Galena (GAL) - Edward G. Pitka Sr. Airport (to Kaltag)
  9. Hughes (HUS) - Hughes Airport (to Fairbanks, Tanana)
  10. Huslia (HSL) - Huslia Airport (to Fairbanks, Hughes, Tanana, Ruby)
  11. Kaltag (KAL) - Kaltag Airport (to Nulato)
  12. Koyukuk (KYU) - Koyukuk Airport (to Huslia)
  13. Lake Minchumina (LMA) - Minchumina Airport (to Fairbanks)
  14. Nulato (NUL) - Nulato Airport (to Koyukuk)
  15. Ruby (RBY) - Ruby Airport (to Fairbanks)
  16. Tanana (TAL) - Ralph M. Calhoun Memorial Airport (to Fairbanks, Hughes, Huslia)
  17. Venetie (VEE) - Venetie Airport (to Arctic Village, Birch Creek, Fairbanks, Fort Yukon)

Former destinations:

Wright Air Service also provides charter service.


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