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Wright County Egg (formerly DeCoster Egg Farms), based in Galt, Iowa, is one of the top ten egg producers in the United States,[1] with a flock of more than 15 million chickens.[2] The company also produces pork.


The company was founded by Austin "Jack" DeCoster as a teenager, when his father died, leaving the family with several hundred chickens.[2][3]


In the 1990s and 2000s the company was raided several times, and faced litigation, with respect to employment practices and hiring of illegal immigrant workers.[4][5] No cases were ever filed when 300 undocumented female workers came forward with multiple claims of rape, sexual violence and sexual harassment.[6] A number of grocery chains boycotted the company in the 1990s over concern for working conditions.[7]


In June 2010, DeCoster plead guilty to animal cruelty charges with respect to the conditions of the egg-laying hens, after Mercy for Animals, an animal rights organization forwarded undercover video footage of company facilities in Maine.[3][8] In August, 2010, the company recalled 380 million eggs in connection with a salmonella outbreak,[9] and a related company, Hillandale Farms, recalled 170 million eggs.[2]

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