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Wright Eclipse, Eclipse SchoolRun
Transdev Burnley & Pendle bus 1854 Mainline livery Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse II FJ58 LSN 15 March 2009.jpg
Transdev Burnley & Pendle Wright Eclipse 2
Manufacturer Wright
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 door
Floor type Low floor / step-entrance, low entry
Chassis Volvo B7L
Volvo B7RLE
Volvo B7R (SchoolRun)
Engine Volvo
Transmission ZF

The Wright Eclipse is a low-floor single-deck bus body built by Wright on Volvo B7 series chassis. It shares its design with the Wright Solar on Scania L94UB chassis.

Initially, the Eclipse was built on Volvo B7L chassis. The Volvo B7RLE was introduced in 2003 due to the unpopularity of the B7L's driveline layout with UK operators. From this time, the full name of the Wright body became Eclipse Metro for the B7L version, and Eclipse Urban for the new B7RLE version; however, all continue to be badged as Eclipse. An additional version available on the B7RLE is the Eclipse Commuter, with a higher floor throughout most of the body (though retaining a low entry), and a correspondingly higher window line.

The Eclipse and its sister design the Solar were named for a solar eclipse which was visible in the UK in 1999, the year of its introduction.

In November 2008, Wright unveiled the Eclipse 2 at the Euro Bus Expo 2008, with front and rear ends facelifted to match the Wright StreetCar.


Eclipse SchoolRun[edit]

The SchoolRun is a bus body based on the Eclipse for use on school bus services. It was designed for the Volvo B7R coach chassis. It featured 2+3 seating, seat belts and side wheelchair access.

Ulsterbus of Northern Ireland ordered 110 Eclipse SchoolRuns in late 2006. The first of these entered service during summer 2007. The company also ordered a further 50 of these vehicles to be delivered after finishing the current order of 110, the further 50 ordered will only have 62 seats compared to the current batch having 66 seats, the reason for the downgrade in seats is to save time of taking out and putting back of the seats at the wheelchair area.

Eclipse Commuter[edit]

The Commuter was another high-floor variation of the original Eclipse, based on the Volvo B7RLE chassis. This was aimed at intercity travel without the size complication of a standard coach, but with all its features, such as under-floor storage and a high seating position. Only five were built, the majority for Stagecoach Western.


Wright Eclipse 1
Wright Eclipse 2
Wright Eclipse SchoolRun
Wright Eclipse Commuter

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