Wright Pulsar Gemini

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Wright Pulsar Gemini
Arriva London South - DW69 - LJ04LDU.JPG
An Arriva London Pulsar Gemini on route 59.
Manufacturer Wright
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 door
Floor type Low floor
Chassis DAF/VDL DB250
Engine DAF
Transmission Voith DIWA/ZF Ecomat
Successor Wright Gemini 2 DL

The Wright Pulsar Gemini is a type of double-decker bus body built for VDL DB250 and used in the United Kingdom since 2003.

It has been ordered almost exclusively by Arriva and largely in London, although several batches were ordered for use by Arriva subsidiaries outside London, and Konectbus of Norfolk also took a batch of five in 2005. More recently, secondhand examples have been acquired by smaller operators across the country.

The last Pulsar Gemini bodywork was constructed in 2006. In 2008, Wright launched the Gemini 2 integral with chassis modules supplied by VDL Bus.


As with Wright Eclipse Geminis, this bus has both the upper and lower deck front windows forming part of a single oval shape, with the destination blind in between. In London, they have two doors for passenger loading, one at the front and one in the centre. The staircase is situated between the front and centre entrances.