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Wright Quadrangle is one of the eleven undergraduate dormitories of the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. It is located at the intersection of North Jordan Avenue and Tenth Street. Its campus address is 501 North Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana, 47408.

The dormitory is named after Joseph A. Wright, Governor of Indiana from 1849 to 1857. It comprises eighteen units (or "houses") connected by stairwells, breezeways and hallways. A daylight basement in most buildings serves as a laundry area. Each unit consists of two, three, or four stacked floors and contains a house lounge usually located in a cupola-like structure above the residential floors. Lounge amenities include (now dormant) fireplaces and numerous windows to permit maximum daylight. The complex can house over 900 students at maximum capacity.

Each unit is named after an important trustee or alumni of Indiana University.

Unit 1: Dodds House Unit 2: Ferguson House Unit 3: Stockwell House Unit 4: Dunn House Unit 5: Parks House Unit 6: Dewey House Unit 7: Rollins House Unit 8: Jenkins House Unit 9: Hummer House Unit 10: Nichols House Unit 11: Ruter House Unit 12: Todd House Unit 13: Hall House Unit 14: Campbell House Unit 15: Harney House Unit 16: Lowe House Unit 17: Elliott House Unit 18: Harding House

Wright Quad is considered to be the center of the campus, located East of the university's main library, South of the student health facility, and West of Teter Quadrangle. The Business Communication department shares a property line with Wright (in the former home of the University's Hutton Honors College). Wright Quad also has the campus's largest student dining facility, the Wright Place Food Court. The dining area features a nave surrounded by a colonnade supporting large murals depicting scenes of university life from the school's foundation to the latter part of the 20th century. The kitchens and foodservice area occupy the east side; the west features a windowed interior portico with additional seating for diners. At the North end of the nave lies a sort of exedra, its walls inscribed in Roman capitals with Polonius's admonitions to Laertes from Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Wright Quadrangle is home to two famous Little 500 cycling teams the male team Dodds House & the female team Wright Cycledelics. Dodds House won the race in 2005 and 1998.

Wright Quad is staffed by a residence manager, assistant residence manager, environmental operations personnel, graduate assistants and resident assistants.

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