Wrigley Botanical Gardens

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Wrigley Botanical Gardens
Wrigley Memorial From The Front.jpg
Wrigley Memorial from the front
Wrigley Botanical Gardens is located in California
Wrigley Botanical Gardens
Wrigley Botanical Gardens
Wrigley Botanical Gardens is located in the US
Wrigley Botanical Gardens
Wrigley Botanical Gardens
Type Botanical garden
Location Santa Catalina Island, California
Coordinates 33°19′44″N 118°20′26″W / 33.32889°N 118.34056°W / 33.32889; -118.34056Coordinates: 33°19′44″N 118°20′26″W / 33.32889°N 118.34056°W / 33.32889; -118.34056
Area 38 acres (15 ha)

The Wrigley Memorial & Botanic Garden is a botanic garden on Santa Catalina Island, California, operated by the Catalina Island Conservancy. It also contains a memorial to William Wrigley Jr.[1]


The botanic garden covers 38 acres (154,000 m²) near the town of Avalon on Catalina, off the shore from Los Angeles, California, US.[2] The garden places a special emphasis on California island endemic plants, i.e., plants that grow naturally on one or more of the Channel Islands of California but nowhere else in the world.[1]

Wrigley memorial[edit]

William Wrigley Jr. (1861–1932) bought most of Catalina Island in 1919 with proceeds from his chewing gum empire. When he died on January 26, 1932, at age 70, he was interred near his Catalina home, in a tower in the botanical gardens.[3] The tower stands 130 feet high and is primarily built with local materials.[4] Wrigley's body has been moved,[1] but his original grave memorial marker still adorns the tower site.

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