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Wrike logo.jpg
Activity Stream in Wrike.png
Developer(s) Wrike Inc.
Written in JavaScript (Ext JS front-end), JSP (back-end)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Collaborative software
Project management software
Website www.wrike.com

Wrike, Inc. is a privately held project management application service provider based in San Jose, California. The company was founded in 2006 and launched its first release to a public beta in 2007. Wrike's primary product is an online tool for project management and collaboration. It enables its user to control projects, keep an eye on the deadlines and schedule, prioritise tasks and collaborate with others in multifunctional teams to get things done.[1] The application is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Russian.


2004 - The idea for Wrike came to Andrew Filev, Wrike's founder,[2] from a need for an agile tool to manage offices, projects, departments. Since the main medium for collaboration on tasks with associates in small and medium business is email,[3][4] Wrike was developed in an integration with email.[5]

December, 2006 - The beta version of Wrike was released.

June, 2007 - Wrike's professional version was released.[6]

September, 2008 - Wrike helped Canadian student Formula team build a racing car.[7]

August, 2008 – Enterprise version with task dependencies on Gantt charts was released.[8]

October, 2009 - Spanish Version was launched. .[9]

April, 2010 – Integrated with Google Docs.[10]

June, 2010 – Activity Stream was released – a built-in microblogging tool that allows everyone on the team to instantly share information and links.[11]

October, 2010 – New Social Version was released. It brought social networking features, such as comments and newsfeed, to project management software.[12]

December, 2010 – API was released. It allows customers to synchronize data between Wrike and other business applications, desktop, Web and mobile tools.[13]

February, 2011 – Free native apps for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry were released.[14]

June, 2011 – Gartner included Wrike in its research as a project collaboration workspace application.[15]

October, 2011 – Integrated with Jive’s Enterprise Social Platform.[16]

November, 2011 – Integrated with Google Apps.[17]

December, 2011 – Cloud document management without downloading was released.[15]

May, 2012 – Free version is released.[18]

June, 2012 – Wrike Raises $1Million from TMT investment.[18]

September, 2012 - Live editor enabling real-time collaborative text editing released. [19]

October, 2012 – Apple Mail plugin that enables email-based collaboration across different platforms released. [20]

November, 2012 – New mobile apps released: a native app for iOS, a native app for Android devices and a browser version for mobile platforms. [19]

December, 2012 – Wrike is now available in five more languages: German, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Japanese. [21]

March, 2013 – Interactive timeline (Gantt chart) is now available in Wrike’s iPhone and Android Apps. [19]

June, 2013 – Integrated with Box – a file-sharing platform. [22]

October, 2013 – Wrike Raises $10 Million from Bain Capital Ventures. [20]

December, 2013 – Wrike launches its Enterprise version for large companies that manage thousands of people and hundreds of projects on a daily basis. [19]

May, 2015 – Wrike raised "$15M Series B Round led by Scale Venture Partners with participation from DCM Ventures and previous investor Bain Capital Ventures." [19]

Awards and industry recognition[edit]

  • 2006 - The b2b category at Le Web 3 (“Les Blogs conference” for entrepreneurs, bloggers and web 2.0 players around the world).[23]
  • 2008 - The eWeek Excellence Award in the productivity application category.[24]
  • 2009 - The Red Herring Top 100 Global Company Award.[25]
  • 2010 - The Tool of the Month Award from Clever Tester Network.[citation needed]
  • 2011 - Winner in SenchaCon Contest.[26]
  • 2011 - Finalist in the American Business Awards in the category “Computer Software – New Version.”.[27]
  • 2013 – Won the “OnDemand Companies to Watch” award by AlwaysOn.[15]


Wrike features organizing projects and subprojects in a flexible hierarchy, editing schedules on a Gantt chart, creation of tasks from emails, file sharing, time tracking, RSS & iCal feeds, Microsoft Excel import and export, task version control, Microsoft Project import, activity stream, API, Google Apps integration (including Gmail contextual gadget), permalinks, rich text in descriptions, tagging, a central dashboard, a three-pane layout, and mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. Wrike has basic CRM functionality[28]and now includes custom fields[29] and custom workflows.[30]

Wrike's front-end is built using the ExtJS Rich Internet application framework.[26] This provides for a responsive feel, and for seeing updates made by other team members without reloading the current page.

Wrike allows managers to decentralize updating and control of overall plans and permits online access[31] to plans that is equal for all selected participants.



Wrike's vision is to connect work for all information workers into a work graph (term coined by Wrike) and let people collaborate on the shared work-related data among each other, just as everyone shares their personal photos, interests and news in social networks. With work data at its center, the work graph is supposed to let people easily access the necessary data, no matter how much of it is shared with them.

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