Wrinkly Face Provincial Park

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Wrinkly Face Provincial Park
Field of Wildflowers in Wrinkly Face Provincial Park.jpg
Field of Wildflowers in Wrinkly Face Provincial Park
Map showing the location of Wrinkly Face Provincial Park
Map showing the location of Wrinkly Face Provincial Park
Location of Wrinkly Face Provincial Park in British Columbia
Coordinates50°2′24″N 119°18′38″W / 50.04000°N 119.31056°W / 50.04000; -119.31056Coordinates: 50°2′24″N 119°18′38″W / 50.04000°N 119.31056°W / 50.04000; -119.31056
Area43 ha (110 acres)
OperatorBC Parks

Wrinkly Face Provincial Park is a provincial park 16 kilometres north of Winfield in British Columbia, Canada.[1]


The park was established May 20, 2004.


The park is 43 hectares in size. It encompasses a southern-facing cliff along with a series of dry meadows above the cliff and wetter meadows below. The cliff edge provides views of Okanagan Lake and the land toward Kelowna. The High Rim Trail passes through the park along the upper edge of the cliff.


The primary role of Wrinkly Face Park is to protect the series of dry meadows at the top of the cliff and the wetter meadows at its base, along with the interior Douglas fir forest. The dry, seasonally-wet, diverse meadows are extremely fragile. Five red/blue-listed vascular plants are known to occur including red-listed Obscure Cryptantha (Cryptantha ambigua) and Needleleaved Navarretia (Navarretia intertexta) and blue-listed Northern Linanthus (Linanthus septentrionalis), False-mermaid (Floerkea proserpinacoides) and Awned Cyperus (Cyperus squarrosus).[2]


Wrinkly Face Park provides low-impact recreational opportunities, such as hiking or horseback riding, for nature study and contains part of the regionally-significant 50 km long High Rim Trail.

Rock climbing is also possible here, with upwards of 21 established climbs on basalt cliffs.


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