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Write Bloody Publishing
Write Bloody Publishing logo.png
Founded 2004
Founder Derrick C. Brown
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Austin, Texas
Publication types Books
Official website writebloody.com

Write Bloody Publishing is an independent American publishing house.


Write Bloody Publishing was founded in 2004 by traveling poet Derrick C. Brown.[1]

Streetside view of the Austin Location

After spending years book touring throughout Europe and the U.S. — both solo and with assorted crew of poets and writers — Brown realized the untapped potential in the contemporary poetry and spoken word market. He was seeing young, smart, page savvy poets, prose writers and poetry performers sell out shows, with only self-published, junky looking books available for sale. It seemed ridiculous and fateful that publishing houses — both mainstream or independent — hadn’t signed on some of the best known & hardest working touring authors on the scene today. He envisioned a publishing house which celebrated touring authors, a press which would give gorgeous, modern, ISBN kissed books to those hard-working wordsters who rocked stages, crashed on couches and slept in vans. The work couldn’t be typical and it had to soar on the page. It also had to take only the best authors and market them to the world.[citation needed]

This has been the guiding philosophy of Write Bloody: Let the poets and authors who tour be the marketing; Let this publishing house be the source for a movement.[citation needed]

Brown realized that all these great poets needed were great books, and for him to get out of the way.[citation needed]

Inside view

Write Bloody is now partnered with over 32 authors and artists, who are working together to make this vision come true. Brown’s background in the independent music and indie arts heavily influenced the look and feel of Write Bloody.[citation needed] Utilizing rock album designers and photographers, Write Bloody’s look is as fresh, hard charging and unapologectic as its writers are[citation needed].

Write Bloody authors are out there — in small record shops and large colleges, in strange theaters and swampy bars — doing readings all across Europe and the United States. Going to a reading will be as common as going to the movies or to see a band and Write Bloody is currently paving the way.[citation needed] Write Bloody books are found in bookstores around the world from Guam to Palestine.[citation needed]


Authors published include:[2][3]

  • Derrick C. Brown (founder)
  • Andrea Gibson
  • Anis Mojgani
  • Buddy Wakefield
  • Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz
  • Karen Finneyfrock
  • Lea Deschenes
  • Mindy Nettifee
  • Paul G. Maziar
  • Robbie Q. Telfer
  • Taylor Mali
  • Beau Sia
  • Benjamin Clark
  • C.R. Avery
  • David Perez
  • Elaina Ellis
  • Tara Hardy
  • Laura Yes Yes
  • Jon Sands
  • Idris Goodwin
  • Paul Suntup
  • Tim Stafford
  • Brendan Constantine
  • Michael Roberts
  • Victor D. Infante
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Jeremy Radin
  • Shanny Jean Maney
  • Sierra DeMulder
  • Lauren Zuniga
  • Bucky Sinister
  • Syd Butler
  • Megan Falley
  • G. Murray Thomas
  • Stevie Edwards
  • Brain Ellis
  • Mike Mcgee
  • Ryler Dustin
  • Ratpack Slim
  • Matty Byloos
  • Josh Boyd
  • Jeanann Verlee
  • Steve Abee
  • Jason Bayani
  • Jack McCarthy, in a book that was originally to appear under the pen name, John X, but which was later published posthumously.
  • Khary Jackson
  • Jade Sylvan
  • Franny Choi
  • Hieu Minh Nguyen
  • Annelyse Gelman
  • Pages D. Matam
  • Sarah Kay


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