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Write Me A Murder is a 1961 mystery play in 3 acts by Frederick Knott.

The play tells the story of the brothers Clive and David Rodingham, who inherit the family fortune upon the death of their father.

They then meet business man Charles and his wife Julie, a would-be thriller writer. Charles is anxious to work with the brothers on property deals, and so encourages David, who is also a writer, to co-author a murder story with Julie. It isn’t long before the two concoct the perfect crime, which is soon twisted into a reality…

The Original Broadway Cast

Write Me A Murder opened at the Belasco Theater on October 24, 1961, and ran for 196 performances.

The Hon. David Rodingham - James Donald

The Hon. Clive Rodingham - Denholm Elliott

Julie Sturrock - Kim Hunter

Dr. Elizabeth Woolley - Ethel Griffies

Charles Sturrock - Torin Thatcher

Mr. Tibbit - Robert Milli

Constable Hackett - Herbert Voland

An adaptation for Australian television aired in 1965.[1][2]


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