Writings and Drawings

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Writings and Drawings
Author Bob Dylan
Illustrator Bob Dylan
Cover artist Bob Dylan
Country United States/Canada
Language English
Genre Music
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.
Publication date
Pages 368
ISBN 978-0-586-04088-1
OCLC 16364299
Preceded by Tarantula
Followed by Lyrics: 1962–1985

Writings and Drawings is a collection of lyrics and personal drawings from Bob Dylan. It was published in 1973 and is currently out-of-print. The book contained Dylan's lyrics from 1962's Bob Dylan to selections from 1971's Greatest Hits, Volume 2. Also included within the book are poems and other writings, including album liner notes. The lyrics and writings are arranged by album era, with unreleased songs grouped with the album of its period. The list price for the new book c. 1973 is $6.95.

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