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The Parselmouths perform during Wrockstock in 2007
GenreWizard rock
Location(s)United States
Years active2007–2013
Founded byAbby Hupp

Wrockstock was a yearly music festival featuring wizard rock, music inspired by the world of Harry Potter.[1] Its name is a play on the music festival Woodstock. Wrockstock was first held in 2007. Organized by Abby Hupp, it was the first large Wizard Rock gathering of its kind that was not part of a general Harry Potter fan conference.[2] It took place at the YMCA summer camp near Ozark, Missouri.[3] The first year it was titled "WRockstock Spooktacular". It doubled as a fundraiser for the Harry Potter Alliance, a charitable foundation run by Harry Potter fans.[4]

The events were broadcast live over the internet for those unable to attend in person.[5]

Festival history[edit]

Event Dates Notes
WRockstock Spooktacular October 26–28, 2007[6]
Wrockstock II May 23–26, 2008[7] 15 bands, more than 300 attendees.[3]
Wrockstock III November 6–9, 2009[1] 500 attendees[8]
Wrockstock IV November 5–8, 2010[9]
Wrockstock V October 28–31, 2011[10]
Wrockstock Reunited July 26–28, 2013[11] Held in Saint Louis


A recurring joke is about "Uncle Carl"[12] who allegedly drives the Knight Bus to pick up attendees for Wrockstock.

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