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Place Wroxall, Isle of Wight
Area Isle of Wight
Coordinates 50°36′57″N 1°13′20″W / 50.6159°N 1.2221°W / 50.6159; -1.2221Coordinates: 50°36′57″N 1°13′20″W / 50.6159°N 1.2221°W / 50.6159; -1.2221
Pre-grouping Isle of Wight Railway (1864 to 1923)
Post-grouping Southern Railway (1923 to 1948)
Southern Region of British Railways (1948 to 1966)
Platforms Two
10 September 1866[1] Opened
17 April 1966 Closed
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170433 at Edinburgh Waverley.JPG UK Railways portal
A 1914 Railway Clearing House map of lines around The Isle of Wight.

Wroxall railway station was an intermediate station on the Isle of Wight Railway line from Ryde, situated between Shanklin and Ventnor with an upland situation. To the north lay Apse Bank with its three bridges,[2] and on leaving the station the gradient increased to 1 in 88 as Ventnor Tunnel was approached.[3]


Reasonably busy with commuter traffic all the year round[4] it was originally built with a single siding, goods traffic diminished rapidly with the advent of the motor bus.[5] The Station Hotel was situated on the Up Platform and was converted into housing after the station closed.[6] Next to this was a single storey station, now demolished.[7] On the down side was a small shelter.[8] The station was lit by gas up until its closure.

The station has been demolished with a new road (Station Road) running across the south end of the site. The adjacent Station Hotel still stands having been converted into residential units, located on St. Martins Road, as does the road overbridge.


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