Wroxeter, Ontario

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Coordinates: 43°51′50″N 81°08′56″W / 43.864°N 81.149°W / 43.864; -81.149

Wroxeter, Ontario is located in Ontario
Wroxeter, Ontario
Wroxeter, Ontario

Wroxeter, Ontario is a community in Howick Township, part of Huron County.

The first settlers in Wroxeter were the Gibson Brothers, Thomas and Robert in the mid-19th century. Back in the 19th century, Wroxeter had five general stores, five hotels, two schools (which ran until 1950), a library, a woolen mill, and a grist mill. Wroxeter also had a railway that went through it which was completed in 1874, so the village built a train station taking people around to the Toronto area. William Smith[who?] found out that the population of Wroxeter in the late 19th century was around 700–800 people.

Today, Wroxeter's old industries have vanished. In 1948, the Township of Howick made Wroxeter an unincorporated village.


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