Wu Di (cinematographer)

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wu.
Wu Di
Chinese name 鄔迪 (traditional)
Chinese name 邬迪 (simplified)
Pinyin Wū Dí (Mandarin)
Origin People's Republic of China
Occupation Cinematographer, film director
Years active 1990s-present

Wu Di (simplified Chinese: 邬迪; traditional Chinese: 鄔迪) is a Chinese cinematographer and one-time film director, known for his collaborations with Sixth Generation director, Wang Xiaoshuai. The director of photography for over ten films (all with mainland directors), Wu Di also wrote and directed a feature of his own, 1995's Goldfish.


As cinematographer[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Director
1993 The Days 冬春的日子 Wang Xiaoshuai
1993 For Fun 找乐 Ning Ying
1994 Gone Forever with My Love 永失我爱 Feng Xiaogang
1995 Postman 邮差 He Jianjun
2001 Butterfly Smile 蝴蝶微笑 He Jianjun
2002 Eyes of a Beauty 西施眼 Guan Hu
2003 Drifters 二弟 Wang Xiaoshuai
2005 Shanghai Dreams 青红 Wang Xiaoshuai
2005 You and Me 我们俩 Ma Liwen
2008 In Love We Trust 左右 Wang Xiaoshuai
2008 Lost and Found 我叫刘跃进 Ma Liwen
2010 Chongqing Blues 日照重慶 Wang Xiaoshuai

As director[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1995 Goldfish 金鱼 Dragons and Tigers Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival

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