Wu Junsheng

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Wu Junsheng

Wu Junsheng, or Wu Tsi-cheng, 吳俊陞, (1863–1928) General of the Fengtian clique and its cavalry commander.

Wu Junsheng was born to a peasant family in Changtu, Fengtien province (today Liaoning), on November 23, 1863. He joined a cavalry troop in 1880 and helped crush the Manchu independence plan (supported by the Japanese) in 1912. He supported Yuan Shikai's monarchy in 1915 and Zhang Zuolin's effort to seize Manchuria. He was rewarded with the military and civil governorship of Heilongjiang in March 1921 and promoted to commander of the 5th Army in 1924. He held those posts until June 1928, when he was one of those killed when a Japanese officer set a bomb to blow up a railroad car carrying Zhang Zuolin, who was also killed. He adopted his nephew Wu Tailai 吳泰來 as heir. He is the maternal grandfather of American fashion designer Vera Wang.[1]


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