Wu Kai Sha

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Wu Kai Sha Public Pier
Beach in front of Villa Oceania next to the pier
Wu Kai Sha Village

Wu Kai Sha (Chinese: 烏溪沙), formerly known as Wu Kwai Sha or U Kwai Sha (烏龜沙), is a place at the shore of Tolo Harbour, northwest of Ma On Shan in the New Territories, Hong Kong. Wu Kai Sha is within the Sha Tin District, one of the 18 districts of Hong Kong.


Originally there were only a few villages in the area, like Wu Kwai Sha Village. It is now an extension of a new town in Ma On Shan. The vicinity is also called Whitehead in English. The area was once home to the largest of the detention centres for Vietnamese boat people.


Wu Kai Sha is famous for a campsite, Wu Kai Sha Youth Village of YMCA. There is also a beach near the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village.


Before the area was developed, there existed only rough roads to the area. Many residents and visitors took kai to boats from Ma Liu Shui, near the MTR University Station, across Tolo Harbour to the area.

With the extension of the new town to the northwestern side of Ma On Shan, roads were extended and expanded. Sai Sha Road is an alternative route to Sai Kung. In 2001, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation began construction of the Ma On Shan Rail system, which currently terminates at Wu Kai Sha Station.


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