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Wuyuzhang Honorary College, also transliterated as Wu Yuzhang Honors College (official Chinese name: Simplified Chinese: 吴玉章学院; Traditional Chinese: 吳玉章學院; general name: Simplified Chinese: 吴玉章荣誉学院; Traditional Chinese:吳玉章榮譽學院), is an elite undergraduate college of Sichuan University.


Named after famous educator and former Sichuan University President, Wuyuzhang Honorary College aims to educate excellent undergraduates of Sichuan University to be top notch scholars with innovative capabilities. The dean of the college is Professor Xie Heping, the president of Sichuan University and an academician in the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The objective of Wuyuzhang Honorary College is to use first-rate faculty, curriculum and management for top-level students, thus cultivate distinguished young scholars of high quality innovative capabilities. By adopting diversified education programs and implementing teaching plans of talent individuation, the college offers special development opportunities for first-class undergraduates.

Each year, only the top 1.5% freshmen in Sichuan University are capable of becoming part of this honor society. Candidates are required to go through selection procedures including academic examination, comprehensive interview, as well as mental tests.

Inspired by its elitism concept, the college has built a reputation of excellence.

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