Wu Zhongxin

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Wu Zongxin
Wu Zhongxin.jpg
Governor of Xinjiang
In office
September 11, 1944 – 1946
Preceded by Sheng Shicai
Succeeded by Tao Zhiyue
Personal details
Nationality Chinese
Political party CC Clique of Kuomintang party
Military service
Allegiance  Republic of China
Rank General
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Wu (吴).

Wu Zhongxin, or Wu Chung-hsin (traditional Chinese: 吳忠信; simplified Chinese: 吴忠信; pinyin: Wú Zhōngxìn; March 15, 1884 – December 16, 1959) was a General and government official of the Republic of China.[1] He was associated with the CC Clique.[2][3]



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