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China Railway
China Railway High-speed
Wuchang Railway Station 2016.jpg
New Wuchang Railway Station Complex
Location Zhongshan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei
Coordinates 30°31′43″N 114°19′4″E / 30.52861°N 114.31778°E / 30.52861; 114.31778Coordinates: 30°31′43″N 114°19′4″E / 30.52861°N 114.31778°E / 30.52861; 114.31778
Operated by
Platforms 6
  • Bus terminal
  • 1916 (1916) (main line)
  • 2006 (2006) (Wuhan Metro Line 4)
Previous names Tongxiangmen
Preceding station   Wuhan Metro   Following station
toward Huangjinkou
Line 4

Wuchang Railway Station is a major railway station on the Beijing–Guangzhou Railway, the Wuhan–Jiujiang Railway and the Hankou–Danjiangkou Railway, located on the east side of Zhongshan Road[1] in Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

Founded as the Tongxiang Gate Station in 1916, the station was moved several times and settled in the current location on 1957. It is the largest transportation center in Wuhan with daily traffic of 77,000 passengers and 20,000 packages as of 2000,[2] and a record of 80,000 passengers per day during the Chunyun period as of 2008.[3]

In 2010, some timetable systems (e.g. www.tielu.org) started referring to the Wuchang Railway Station as "Wuhan South Station" (武汉南站). However, "Wuchang" continues to be both the official and commonly used name.[citation needed]

Transport connections[edit]

Wuhan Metro[edit]

Metro Station Platform

Wuchang Station is served by a station of the same name on Line 4 of Wuhan Metro. Line 4 connects this station to Wuhan Railway Station, the Wuhan terminus for high-speed services.[4]


Bus No. 10 and Special Line 561 run between this station and Hankou Railway Station.[5]

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