Wugong Mountains

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Wugong Range
View of a ridge of the Wugong Range
Highest point
Elevation1,918.3 m (6,294 ft)
Coordinates27°29′N 114°11′E / 27.483°N 114.183°E / 27.483; 114.183Coordinates: 27°29′N 114°11′E / 27.483°N 114.183°E / 27.483; 114.183
Wugong Range is located in China
Wugong Range
Wugong Range
Location in China
LocationJiangxiPingXiang China
Parent rangeLuoxiao Mountains

The Wugongshan or Wu-kung Mountains (Chinese: 武功山) are a range of mountains located in Jiangxi and Hunan, China. Its highest point is 1918.3 m high Baihe Feng (Golden Peak).[1]


The Wugong range is a subrange of the Luoxiao Mountains. It stretches for 130 km in a roughly southwest-northeast direction between Chaling in Hunan to close to Yichun in Jiangxi.[2]

The Wugongshan National Geological Park is located in the area of the range.[3]


High altitude meadows
Wang Xian, located next to the altar of the golden dome.


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