Wuhan New Era Football Club

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Wuhan New Era Football Club
Full nameWuhan New Era Football Club
GroundZhongnan University of Economics and Law Stadium Wuhan
OwnerYang Dongqiang
ChairmanYang Dongqiang
LeagueChina Amateur Football League

Wuhan New Era Football Club (Chinese: 武汉新纪元足球俱乐部) is a football club founded in 2014 and dissolved in 2016. The football club attended Chinese FA Cup in 2015.


Wuhan New Era Football Club was founded by Yang Dongqiang on in 2014, and attended China Amateur Football League in 2014 and was the 14th place. According to the rule of Chinese FA Cup, the club was not able to attend 2015 Chinese FA Cup. However, two football clubs which ranking was higher than Wuhan New Era in China Amateur Football League in 2014 quited 2015 Chinese FA Cup which made teams at a lower rank such as Wuhan New Era to be able to attend the cup.[2][3]

In 2015 Chinese FA Cup the football club defeated Guangxi Lianzhuang Liuyue Football Club and Qingdao Huanghai F.C. However, The football club lost to Shandong Luneng Taishan F.C. in the third round.[4]In 2015 China Amateur Football League, it was the champion of North-West region, but it did not attend the final round of the football league due to treatment issues, the footballers refused to attend the matches.[5]

list of footballers attended 2015 Chinese FA Cup[edit]

[6] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 China Hong Peng
2 China Jin Xin
3 China Pi Siwei
4 China Zhang Mingjie
5 China Peng Jing
9 China Yang Dongqiang
12 China Li Yajing
13 China Zhang Yang
14 China Wang Chi
15 China Hou Wenzhe
16 China Li Yang
17 China Lü Xi
18 China Si Jun
21 China Zhang Xiaokai
No. Position Player
22 China Wu Shaojing
23 China Wei Xianjun
24 China Li Fangqing
25 China Wu Ze
26 China Yu Chennan
27 China Liu Bo
29 China Dong Xiaoyang
34 China Zhang Jicheng
35 China Wang Wei
36 China Peng Jie
37 China Li Gui
38 China Wang Zhigang
39 China Li Fei
40 China Wang Feng


In 2016, Wuhan New Era took some of the footballers from Wuhan Hongxing who were not in charge of Wuhan Hongxing–Jiangsu Suning brawl to become Wuhan Chufeng Heli F.C.[7]


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