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Wuhu may refer to:

  • Wuhu, prefecture-level city in Anhui, China
  • Wu Hu, or Five Barbarians, collective term for various non-Chinese steppe tribes during the period from the Han Dynasty to the Northern Dynasties
  • Wu Hu period (304 – 439 AD), or Sixteen Kingdoms, in ancient China
  • Wu Hu uprising, Wu Hu forces rose up against the Jin Dynasty of China
  • WUHU, radio station licensed to Smiths Grove, Kentucky, United States
  • Wuhu Island, fictional island that was partially introduced in Wii Fit (as "Wii Fit Island") and is the main locale in Wii Sports Resort, which fully introduced the island with its final name and present look
  • WUHU (software), Weather Underground / HeavyWeather Uploader, software to upload data from personal weather stations to one or more networks

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