Wulai Scenic Train

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Wulai Scenic Train
Wulai light railway, Wulai, Taiwan.JPG
LocaleWulai, New Taipei, Taiwan
First service1928
StartWulai stop
EndWaterfall stop
Distance travelled1.6 km
Line(s) used1

The Wulai Scenic Train (Chinese: 烏來台車; pinyin: Wūlái Táichē; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: U-lai Tâi-chhia), also known as Wulai Trolley, is a 1.6 km railway line in Wulai District, New Taipei, Taiwan.[1][2]


The rail cart was originally designed by the Japanese government in 1928 to transport timber, logging tools, tea and passengers. After a highway was completed in 1951, most of the railway sections were dismantled except the 1.6 km section. However, with the declining timber and logging industries, the vehicle was transformed to transport tourists.[3] In 2015, the railway was closed due to damage caused by Typhoon Soudelor in which 120 meters of section was completely destroyed. It was reopened on 26 August 2017 after almost two years of reconstruction work.[4]


Each cart can accommodate up to 10 passengers.

List of stations[edit]

Name Chinese Taiwanese Hakka Atayal Dist.
Wulai stop 烏來 U-lai Vû-lòi Ulay 0.1 Wulai New Taipei
Waterfall stop 瀑布 Pho̍k-pò͘ Phau-pu Tgliq 1.5


The railway is accessible by bus from Xindian MRT station of Taipei Metro.

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