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Wulf Zendik (born Lawrence E. Wulfing, in El Paso, Texas, October 7, 1920 – June 12, 1999) was an American author, poet, musician, environmentalist, and bohemian. He was the author of the novel A Quest Among The Bewildered, Blackhawk: Diary of an Eco-Warrior, and Zendik.[1][2] and has been described as an "undiscovered Beat."[3]

Larry Wulfing, a.k.a. Wulf, founded the community, Zendik (also known as Zendik Arts Farm), located in Florida, Southern California, Texas, North Carolina, and West Virginia at various times, with his wife/partner Carol Merson, a.k.a. Arol Wulf. After Zendik's death, Zendik Farm continued Zendik's philosophy by promoting the arts and an environmentally sound lifestyle.[4] In 2006, the community had a show, Zendik News, on public-access television Channel 75 in Baltimore, MD.[5] Zendik Farm members were known for their sales of T-shirts and bumper stickers saying "Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution."[6] The community has since disbanded, with the property being sold.[7]

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