Wulgrin II of Angoulême

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Wulgrin II
Bornc. 1089
Died16 November 1140
TitleCount of Angoulême
Other namesTaillefer

Wulgrin II (also Vulgrin or Bougrin), called Taillefer or Rudel, was the Count of Angoulême from 1120 to his death on 16 November 1140. He was a son of Count William Taillefer III.

He married Pontia de la Marche, daughter of Roger the Poitevin and Almodis, the daughter of count Aldebert II of La Marche. They had only one son

After the death of his first wife, Wulgrin remarried to Amable de Châtellerault and had three children:

  • Fulk
  • Geoffrey "Martel"
  • an unnamed daughter.

He retook Blaye from William X of Aquitaine in 1127 and reconstructed the castle there in 1140.[1]

The troubadour Jaufré Rudel may be possibly his son or his son-in-law.[1]



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Preceded by
William V
Count of Angoulême
Succeeded by
William VI