Wurzelbauer (crater)

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Wurzelbauer crater 4119 h3.jpg
Coordinates 33°54′S 15°54′W / 33.9°S 15.9°W / -33.9; -15.9Coordinates: 33°54′S 15°54′W / 33.9°S 15.9°W / -33.9; -15.9
Diameter 88 km
Depth 2.2 km
Colongitude 17° at sunrise
Eponym Johann P. von

Wurzelbauer is the remnant of a lunar crater. It is located in the rugged terrain on the Moon's southern hemisphere. The slightly smaller crater Gauricus lies next to the eastern rim, while to the north-northeast is Pitatus.

The rim of this crater has been deeply eroded, and now forms a low, somewhat irregular ridge around the interior floor. Along the southeastern rim is Wurzelbauer B, while Wurzelbauer A is nearly attached to the southern rim. A short chain of craters lies across the northern rim.

The western half of the interior floor is somewhat more irregular than in the east, with a complex of low ridges covering parts of the surface. The western edge of the floor is marked by a section of the ray system radiating from Tycho to the south-southeast.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Wurzelbauer.

Wurzelbauer Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 35.7° S 15.4° W 17 km
B 34.9° S 14.5° W 25 km
C 35.0° S 15.1° W 10 km
D 36.3° S 17.6° W 38 km
E 35.7° S 17.2° W 11 km
F 35.9° S 18.1° W 9 km
G 34.6° S 18.6° W 11 km
H 35.3° S 17.2° W 7 km
L 34.8° S 17.8° W 7 km
M 32.1° S 16.0° W 5 km
N 32.5° S 14.8° W 13 km
O 35.9° S 14.6° W 9 km
P 35.1° S 14.2° W 9 km
S 35.7° S 19.3° W 12 km
W 32.7° S 15.1° W 8 km
X 33.6° S 14.4° W 7 km
Y 33.2° S 17.7° W 9 km
Z 32.2° S 14.9° W 12 km