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Wudang (Wutang) or Wu Dang (Wu Tang) may refer to:


  • Wudang Mountains (Wutang Mountains; 武当山) in northwestern Hubei
  • Wudang District (乌当区), Guiyang, Guizhou
  • Mount Beiwudang (北武当山), a Taoist mountain and temple complex in Shanxi
  • Wudang Township (武当乡), in Zhang County, Gansu
  • Wudang, Jiangxi (武当镇), a town in Longnan County

Martial arts[edit]

  • Wudang chuan (武当拳), also called Wudangquan, a form of Chinese martial arts
  • Wudang Sect, Wudang Clan, or Wu-Tang Clan, a fictional martial arts sect which commonly appears in wuxia fiction and other media related to Chinese martial arts



  • Wu-tang (dance), a form of hip-hop dance from Philadelphia, United States
  • Wu-Tang Clan, a rap group from Staten Island, New York
  • Wu-Tangs, the initial steep terrain features in ski cross