Wuthering Heights (1978 TV serial)

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Wuthering Heights
"Wuthering Heights" (1978 TV serial).jpg
Based onWuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
Written byHugh Leonard (2 episodes)
David Snodin (3 episodes)
Directed byPeter Hammond
StarringKen Hutchison
Kay Adshead
Composer(s)Carl Davis
Country of originUK
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes5
Producer(s)Jonathan Powell
Running time60 minutes (per episode)
Original networkBBC Two

Wuthering Heights is a 1978 British film adaptation of Emily Brontë's novel Wuthering Heights, starring Ken Hutchison, Kay Adshead, Pat Heywood, and John Duttine,[1] originally broadcast on BBC Two as a 5-part mini-series, beginning 24 September 1978.[2][2] Location filming took place on the Yorkshire Moors.[3][4][5][6] This BBC version is regarded as being the one most faithful to the original novel because it does not end with Cathy's death but continues into the next generation, with Heathcliff seeking revenge against those he felt had wronged him.[7]


  • Heathcliff - Ken Hutchison
  • Cathy - Kay Adshead
  • Joseph - Brian Wilde
  • Ellen Dean - Pat Heywood
  • Hindley - John Duttine
  • Frances - Maggie Wilkinson
  • Mr Linton - Dennis Burgess
  • Mrs Linton - Wendy Williams
  • Lockwood - Richard Kay
  • Mr Earnshaw - John Collin
  • Mrs Earnshaw - Patricia Healey
  • Servant Girl - Judith Byfield
  • Dr Kenneth - John Golightly
  • Edgar - David Robb
  • Reverend Graham - Paul Dawkins
  • Isabella - Caroline Langrishe
  • Mr Green - Norman Rutherford
  • Zillah - Barbara Keogh
  • Catherine Linton - Cathryn Harrison
  • Hareton - David Wilkinson
  • Linton - Andrew Burleigh
  • Mary - Kate David
  • Robert - Barry Hart
  • Sexton - Charles Turner
  • Small Boy - Richard Usher
  • Heathcliff (as child) - Dale Tarry
  • Cathy (as child) - Maria Swailes
  • Hindley (as child) - Mitchell Varnam
  • Edgar (as child) - Grant Bardsley
  • Isabella (as child) - Julia Stark
  • Hareton (as child) - Elliot Moss
  • Hareton (as child) - Simon Massey

Critical reception[edit]

Allmovie wrote, "Irish playwright Hugh Leonard handles the adaptation, deftly juggling the many characters and subplots without the slightest sense of strain";[7] and the BFI described the adaptation as "embracing the hysteria and savagery of its source novel." [5] However in a contemporary review Clive James called it "[t]he latest but not the best of the Beeb's long line of classic serials", and "the blithering pits".[8]

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