Wutongqiao District

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Wutongqiao District
Traditional Chinese 五通橋
Simplified Chinese 五通桥
Postal Wutungkiao
Literal meaning 5-Passage Bridge

Wutongqiao District is an urban district of the prefecture-level city Leshan in Sichuan, China. As a separate city on the banks of the Min River, Wutongqiao was formerly romanized as Wutungkiao.[a]

It has been known for producing salt since at least the 19th century.[1]



  1. ^ The name was also sometimes romanized as Woo-tung-keaou.[1]


Coordinates: 29°24′24″N 103°49′06″E / 29.40667°N 103.81833°E / 29.40667; 103.81833