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Developer(s) Mattia Barbon
Stable release Wx-0.9928 / December 21, 2015; 49 days ago (2015-12-21)[1]
Development status Active
Written in C++ / Perl
Operating system Cross-platform
License GNU General Public License or Artistic License
Website www.wxperl.it

wxPerl is a Perl module by Mattia Barbon, allowing the creation of graphical user interface (GUI) from Perl programming language. It is built as an XS-wrapper for the WxWidgets (C++ GUI widget toolkit). Various applications developed with wxPerl include Padre, a Perl IDE and Openkore, E-book reader. Like Perl and wxWidgets, wxPerl is free software.


This is a simple "Hello world" module.

use Wx;

my $app = Wx::SimpleApp->new;
my $frame = Wx::Frame->new( undef, -1, 'Hello, world!' );



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