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The University of Oxford has three statutory professorships named after William of Wykeham, who founded New College.


The Wykeham Professorship in Logic was established in 1859, although it was not known as the Wykeham chair until later. Its first chair was Henry Wall.[1]

List of holders of post[edit]

Ancient History[edit]

The Wykeham Professorship of Ancient History was established in 1910. It concentrates on Greek history to avoid possible duplication with the far older Camden Professorship of Ancient History, which focuses primarily on Roman history.

List of holders of post[edit]


The Wykeham Professorship of Physics is the only endowed chair in the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford.[3] This professorship is associated with New College. According to the New College website, the "appointment of the next Wykeham Professor of Physics, replacing Professor David Sherrington FRS, is in progress."[4]

List of holders of post[edit]


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