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Wyler's is a brand of food used by Heinz for bouillon and soup, and Jel Sert for soft drinks.

Heinz uses it for Wyler's Instant Bouillon, a brand of bouillon cube, and Wyler's Mrs. Grass Soup and Dip Mixes, a brand of dehydrated soups, stews, and dips.

Jel Sert uses the Wyler's brand for soft drinks including Flavor Aid.


Borden bought the formerly independent Wyler & Co. in 1961. It traded the Wyler's drink business with Lipton for Pennsylvania Dutch noodles in 1986. Jel Sert bought Wyler's from Lipton parent Unilever in 1994.

When Borden left the food business, it sold Wyler's to Heinz.[1]


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