Wyler, North Rhine-Westphalia

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Wyler, church: Sankt Johannes Baptist Kirche

Wyler is a village along the Dutch-German border, 7 km southeast of Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands, and 5 km west of Kranenburg, Germany.

Location and population[edit]

Most of the village is located in the municipality of Kranenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and a small part in the municipality of Berg en Dal, Gelderland, The Netherlands, a few kilometers from the city of Nijmegen (German: Nimwegen). The westernmost villages in the municipality of Kranenburg to some extent function as a dormitories for people who work in the Dutch city of Nijmegen.

Population is 525; 441 in the German part,[1] and 84 in the Dutch part.[2]

Coordinates: 51°48′20″N 5°57′59″E / 51.80556°N 5.96639°E / 51.80556; 5.96639

Proximity of Wylerberg[edit]

It lies close to the Wylerberg (Dutch: Duivelsberg; in World War II, known to Allied forces as 'Hill 75.9'), a hill which was formerly in Germany but, together with other territories — subsequently returned — annexed to The Netherlands after World War II.

Significant building[edit]

Among significant buildings in Wyler is the Sankt-Johannes-Kirche.

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