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Wyn Calvin, MBE OStJ (born Joseph Wyndham Calvin Thomas, 1925), sometimes called the "Clown Prince of Wales" and "The Welsh Prince of Laughter", is a veteran Welsh comedian and entertainer.

Born in Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Calvin later attended Canton High School for Boys in Cardiff.[1] Wyn Calvin has been in show business for over sixty years. He served with ENSA during World War II. In 1991 he became the first Welshman ever to be elected "King Rat"[2] of the Grand Order of Water Rats, a show business fraternity and charity, and has also been the Welsh chairman of the Variety Club of Great Britain. He is particularly well known for his appearances in pantomime[3] and summer season at venues all over the UK. Wyn is an accomplished after-dinner speaker and has also spoken at St.David's Day events all over the world.

He recently starred as Jethro D. Bartman (President of the Earth), in a play called Space Invasion, which was shown in the New Theatre in Cardiff.

Calvin was also a founding member of the Noah's Ark Appeal.


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