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The Wynne Prize is an Australian landscape painting or figure sculpture art prize. As one of Australia's longest-running art prizes, it was established in 1897 from the bequest of Richard Wynne. Now held concurrently with the Sir John Sulman Prize and the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.

It is awarded annually for "the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture by Australian artists completed during the 12 months preceding the [closing] date".

Many of Australia's most famous artists have won the prize, including William Dobell, Brett Whiteley, Hans Heysen, Lloyd Rees, Fred Williams, William Robinson, Eric Smith, Nyapanyapa Yunupingu, and Sali Herman.

In 2010, the prize awarded was A$25,000, but the painting by Sam Leach which was awarded the prize, was later revealed to be a close copy of the 17th-century painting Boatmen Moored on the Shore of an Italian Lake by Adam Pijnacker. Concern was expressed that the prize had been awarded to a painting which did not fulfil the prize's criteria.[1] Nevertheless, the trustees of the Art Gallery of New South Wales decided that the award would stand.[2]

List of winners[edit]

Image Title Year Artist Technique Dimensions (cm) Gallery
Walter Withers - The storm - Google Art Project.jpg The Storm 1897 Walter Withers oil on canvas on hardboard 119.8 x 179.5 Art Gallery of New South Wales
George Lambert - Across the black soil plains.jpg Across the black soil plains 1899 George Washington Lambert oil on canvas 91.6 x 305.5 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Still Autumn 1900 Walter Withers
Thunderstorm on the Darling 1901 William Piguenit
In Defence of the Flat 1902 James White
Glenora 1903 Edward Officer
Hans Heysen Mystic Morn.jpg Mystic Morn 1904 Hans Heysen
A Blaze of Blue Noon 1905 Albert J. Hanson watercolour
W Lister Lister - Golden, 1906.jpg The Golden Splendour of the Bush 1906 W. Lister Lister oil on canvas 239.8 x 190.5 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Portrait, H. Garlick, Esq. 1907 G. W. L. Hirst
Noontide, Burnside 1908 Will Ashton
Hans Heysen Summer 1909.jpg Summer 1909 Hans Heysen watercolour Art Gallery of New South Wales
Mid Song of Birds and Insects Murmuring 1910 W. Lister Lister
Hans Heysen Hauling Timber.jpg Hauling Timber 1911 Hans Heysen oil on canvas 102.0 x 135.0 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Sydney Harbour, Overlooking Taylors Bay 1912 W. Lister Lister
W Lister Lister Federal Capital Site.jpg Federal Capital Site 1913 W. Lister Lister oil on canvas 159.0 x 284.0 Historical Memorials Collection
Landscape 1914 Penleigh Boyd
Knowledge, Fine Art and Commerce 1915 John Christie Wright
Elioth Gruner - Morning light - Google Art Project.jpg Morning Light 1916 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas on cardboard 51.7 x 56.9 Art Gallery of New South Wales
The Wind-swept Marsh Lands 1917 W. Lister Lister
W. B. McInnes – The Grey Road.jpg The Grey Road 1918 W. B. McInnes oil on canvas 123.2 x 154.6 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Elioth Gruner - Spring frost - Google Art Project.jpg Spring Frost 1919 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas 157.5 x 206.3 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Hans Heysen The Toilers.jpg The Toilers 1920 Hans Heysen watercolour on paper 73.0 x 86.0 Art Gallery of South Australia
Valley of the Tweed.jpg Valley of the Tweed 1921 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas 142.2 x 172.7 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Hans Heysen The Quarry.jpg The Quarry 1922 Hans Heysen watercolour 51.0 x 66.7 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Head of an Old Man 1923 G. W. L. Hirst
An Afternoon in Autumn 1924 Hans Heysen
A Bush Track 1925 W. Lister Lister
The Farmyard, Frosty Morning 1926 Hans Heysen
Head 1927 Rayner Hoff
Arthur Streeton - Afternoon Light, Goulburn Valley.jpg Afternoon Light, Goulburn Valley 1928 Arthur Streeton oil on canvas mounted on composition board 51.0 x 76.0 National Gallery of Australia
Elioth Gruner – On the Murrumbidgee.jpg On the Murrumbidgee 1929 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas 101.6 x 123.2 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Kosciusko 1930 Will Ashton
Red Gums of the Far North 1931 Hans Heysen
Brachina Gorge 1932 Hans Heysen
Youth 1933 Lyndon Dadswell
Murrumbidgee Ranges, Canberra 1934.jpg Murrumbidgee Ranges, Canberra 1934 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas 51.6 x 89.0 National Gallery of Australia
James Muir Auld Winter Morning.jpg Winter Morning 1935 James Muir Auld oil on canvas on paperboard 41.3 x 46.3 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Landscape 1936 Elioth Gruner
Elioth Gruner - Weetangera, Canberra - Google Art Project.jpg Weetangera, Canberra 1937 Elioth Gruner oil on canvas on cardboard 88 x 100.9 Art Gallery of New South Wales
The Approaching Storm 1938 Sydney Long
Morning Light, Middle Harbour 1939 Will Ashton
The Lake, Narrabeen 1940 Sydney Long
Valley Farms 1941 Lorna Muir Nimmo
Backyards 1942 Douglas Watson
The Hilltop 1943 Douglas Dundas
McElhone Stairs 1944 Sali Herman
Old Grain Stores, Greenaugh, W. A. 1945 Douglas Watson
January Weather 1946 Lance Solomon
Sofala 1947 Russell Drysdale oil on canvas on hardboard 71.7 × 93.1 Art Gallery of New South Wales
Storm Approaching Wangi 1948 William Dobell oil on cardboard on composition board 32.5 × 55.5
Two Rivers 1949 George Lawrence
The Harbour from McMahon's Point 1950 Lloyd Rees
Never Never Creek, Gleniffer 1951 Charles Meere
Summer at Kanmantoo 1952 Charles Bush
The River Bend 1953 Lance Solomon
Cooktown 1954 Arthur Evan Reed
Townsville Waterfront 1955 Charles Bush
The Chicory Kiln, Phillip Island 1956 L. Scott Pendlebury
Constitution Dock, Hobart 1957 L. Scott Pendlebury
The Cliff 1958 Ronald Steuart
Harbour Cruise 1959 Reinis Zusters
Dairy Farm, Victoria 1960 John Perceval
Landscape, Hill End 1961 David Strachan
The Devil's Bridge, Rottnest 1962 Sali Herman
Sandhills on the Darling 1963 Sam Fullbrook
Trees in a Landscape 1964 Sam Fullbrook (joint winner)
Landscape 1964 David Strachan (joint winner)
The Red House 1965 Sali Herman
Upwey Landscape V 1966 Fred Williams
Ravenswood I 1967 Sali Herman
Road to Whistlewood 1968 L. Scott Pendlebury
The Chasing Bird Landscape 1969 John Olsen
Redfern, Southern Portal 1970 Frederic Henry Bates
Karri Country 1971 Margaret Woodward
Falling Bark 1972 Eric Smith
Dry Landscape 1973 Clem Millward
Redfern Landscape 1974 Eric Smith
Murchison Sand Plain 1975 Robert Juniper
Mt Kosciusko 1976 Fred Williams
The Jacaranda Tree (On Sydney Harbour) 1977 Brett Whiteley
Summer at Carcoar 1978 Brett Whiteley
Flood Creek 1979 Robert Juniper
A Waterfall (Strath Creek) 1980 William Delafield Cook
Hills of Ravensdale 1981 David Voight
Morning on the Derwent 1982 Lloyd Rees
Life Along the Coast 1983 David Rankin
The South Coast After Rain 1984 Brett Whiteley
The Road to Clarendon, Autumn 1985 John Olsen
Torso 1986 Rosemary Madigan
Landscape Painting II 1987 Ian Bettinson
Fire and Drought near Old Junee 1988 Elwyn Lynn
Landscape Painting IV 1989 Ian Bettinson
The Rainforest 1990 William Robinson
Maschera Femina 1991–92 Peter Schipperheyn
Open Cut 1993 George Gittoes
Waratahs Wedderburn Series 1994 Suzanne Archer
Season of Drought 1995 David Aspden
Creation Landscape Earth and Sea 1996 William Robinson
Nandi Moon 1997 John Peart
Yellow Sound 1998 Ann Thomson
Leaves 1999 Gloria Tammere Petyarre
Thong Totems 2000 John Dahlsen
Piatra 2001 Aida Tomescu
Remembering Rain 2002 Angus Nivison
Seated Figure 2003 Tim Kyle
Untitled 2004 George Ward Tjungurrayi
The Road to Utopia 2005 Jenny Sages
The Gap 2006 John Beard
Winter Nocturne IV 2007 Philip Wolfhagen
The River is Calm 2008 Joanne Currie Nalingu
The Amorphous Ones (The Vast Colony of Our Being) 2009 Lionel Bawden
Proposal for Landscaped Cosmos 2010 Sam Leach oil and resin on wood 30 × 30
Co-Isolated Slave 2011 Richard J. Goodwin
Waterfall (After Williams) 2012 Imants Tillers
Namatjira 2013 Imants Tillers
Oceania High Low 2014 Michael Johnson
Biophilia 2015 Natasha Bieniek
Seven Sisters 2016 Ken Family Collaborative
Antara 2017 Betty Kuntiwa Pumani acrylic on linen 250 x 200
Untitled 2018 Yukultji Napangati acrylic on linen 244.5 x 183
Seven sisters 2019 Sylvia Ken acrylic on linen 200 x 240
Tjoritja 2020 Hubert Pareroultja acrylic on canvas 183 x 244
Garak – night sky 2021 Nyapanyapa Yunupingu earth pigments on board 244.2 x 244.2
Eora 2022 Nicholas Hardling oil on linen 196.5 x 374.8 [3]


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