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Wynyard Park seen from north

Wynyard Park is a small park in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Wynyard Park is located in the Sydney central business district and is bounded by York, Carrington, Margaret and Barrack Streets.[1] Surrounded by modern high-rise buildings it is one of the most densely built-up and intensively used parks in Sydney. Entrances to Wynyard railway station are located on the north-eastern and north-western corners of the park.

Wynyard Park is a popular place for office workers to eat lunch. Also, many bus services to the northern suburbs originate their journeys in the streets bordering the park.


Wynyard Park in the 1930s

The space which is now Wynyard Park was originally the parade ground of the first military barracks established shortly after the foundation of Sydney in 1788. The park was named after General Wynyard, Commander of British Forces in Australia 1848-1853.

Originally the park was much larger in area, extending from Barrack Street in the south to St Philip's Church in the north.

At the northern end of the park is a statue from 1890 of the Reverend J.D. Lang, the Presbryterian minister who founded the Scot's Church in 1826. His statue is close to the Scots Church the main Presbyterian church in central Sydney.

When the Sydney underground railways (now part of the Sydney Trains network) were constructed in 1927, Wynyard railway station was constructed by excavating the park and then rebuilding the park after the station had been constructed.

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