Wyoming Republican caucuses, 2008

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Wyoming Republican caucuses, 2008
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  Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 6.jpg Fred Thompson.jpg
Nominee Mitt Romney Fred Thompson
Party Republican Republican
Home state Massachusetts Tennessee
Delegate count 8 3
Percentage 66.67% 25%

  DuncanHunter.jpg John McCain official portrait with alternative background.jpg
Nominee Duncan Hunter John McCain
Party Republican Republican
Home state California Arizona
Delegate count 1 1
Percentage 8.33% 4.7%

The 2008 Wyoming Republican caucuses took place on January 5, 2008, with 12 national delegates chosen by county convention delegates. A majority of the national delegates were won by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.[1] In addition, two national delegates were elected at the Republican State Convention on May 30-31.

Eligible voters included precinct committee chairs (one man and one woman for each of the 487 precincts, which were elected in 2006)[2] and 250 county convention delegates, elected in precinct caucuses held throughout Wyoming in December 2007 and apportioned according to Republican voters in the last congressional election.[3]

Although originally the size of the delegation was 28, RNC rules stated that any states holding primary contests before February 5 would lose half of their delegates.


Each of the 23 counties elected either a delegate or an alternate delegate, except for Laramie County, which elected both a delegate and an alternate delegate.

Results by Candidate
Candidate Delegates Percentage Alternates
Mitt Romney 8 66.67% 5
Fred Thompson 3 25% 1
Duncan Hunter 1 8.33% 1
John McCain 1 4.7% 1 [4]
Mike Huckabee 0 0% 0
Ron Paul 0 0% 0
Rudy Giuliani 0 0% 0
Uncommitted 0 16.67% 4
Total 12 100% 12

Results by County[edit]

Results by County[5]
County Delegate/Alternate Candidate
Albany Delegate Mitt Romney
Big Horn Alternate Mitt Romney
Campbell Delegate Mitt Romney
Carbon Alternate Mitt Romney
Converse Delegate Mitt Romney
Crook Delegate Fred Thompson
Fremont Delegate Mitt Romney
Goshen Delegate Fred Thompson
Hot Springs Delegate Fred Thompson
Johnson Alternate Uncommitted
Laramie Alternate Mitt Romney
Delegate Mitt Romney
Lincoln Alternate Mitt Romney
Natrona Alternate Uncommitted
Niobrara Alternate Fred Thompson
Park Alternate Mitt Romney
Platte Alternate Duncan Hunter
Sheridan Delegate Duncan Hunter
Sublette Alternate John McCain
Sweetwater Delegate Mitt Romney
Teton Delegate Mitt Romney
Uinta Delegate Mitt Romney
Washakie Alternate Uncommitted
Weston Alternate Uncommitted

The Wyoming Republican Party did not release the vote totals.[6]

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