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The 'Wyoming Workforce Development Council (WWDC) was established by Governor’s Executive Order 1998-1 and reconstituted under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The WWDC is the state and local workforce board under the Workforce Investment Act. In accordance with the Executive Order and the Workforce Investment Act, the WWDC shall:[1]

The Council's work[edit]

The Wyoming Workforce Development Council’s brings business, labor, and the public sector together to shape strategies to best meet the local workforce and employer needs in order to create and sustain a higher skill, higher wage economy.

To fulfill their mission, Council members, with the support of staff, work to:

  • advise the Governor and the Legislature on workforce development policy.
  • promote a system of workforce development that responds to the lifelong learning needs of the current and future workforce.
  • advocate for the training and education needs of workers and employers.
  • facilitate new and creative solution in workforce development policy and practices.
  • ensure system quality and accountability by evaluating results and supporting high standards and continuous improvement.
  • foster competitive opportunities which allow the sons and daughters of Wyoming to stay in or return to Wyoming.

The Council will:

  • advertise to youth about jobs, apprenticeships and other training available.
  • increase public awareness of job opportunities in Wyoming.
  • educated parents and students on careers and training in the state.
  • train and educate employers on wages and benefits.
  • promote use of self-sufficiency calculator in career guidance, to employers, and state agencies.
  • use state and federal training resources to achieve greater well-being of those at the bottom of the economic ladder (under employed).
  • support money management training in high school.
  • support Children and Families Initiative.

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