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Wyrd Miniatures
Limited liability company (LLC)
IndustryMiniature wargaming manufacturer
300 Townpark Dr NW, Kennesaw, near Woodstock, Georgia
United States
Key people
Nathan Caroland and Eric Johns

Wyrd Miniatures produces a range of 32 mm metal and plastic miniatures, in several genres, for painters and gamers. Established and offering its first miniatures in 2005, the company is owned by Nathan Caroland and Eric Johns.[1] In 2009, Wyrd published its first game, Malifaux, set in a dystopian city in a parallel world. In 2011 they introduced the board game Puppet-Wars.[2]

The first years the company focused on casting miniatures for the wargaming and miniature painting market. According to Eric Johns, it started with Nathan putting together a few fun minis after having gotten friendly with a sculptor. It was only in 2007 he and Nathan decided to push forward as a real company and started developing their own game rules to go with their miniatures line.[3]

After the release of Malifaux in 2009, which incorporated most of the miniature range, came a time of rapid expansion, and in March 2011 the company moved for the second time in 16 months allegedly to accommodate its growth, settling into a larger office and warehouse facility.[4]

In 2012 the partnership with Ghost Studio led to Wyrd introducing a new line of plastic miniatures for Malifaux using an all-digital manufacturing workflow, the so-called Freeform 3D solution from Geomagic. According to Geomagic, their platform for designing organic shaped products can sculpt, texture or emboss products with detail and articulation that traditional geometric CAD solutions simply cannot handle.[5][6]


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